What are the Things to Keep in Mind While Making Decisions?

Mahatma Vidur Shares This Insight With Dhritarashtra That Highlights The Things To Keep In Mind While Making Decisions.

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Vidurniti-Shloka-performing-actions-devoid-of-desires — HBR-Patel

Many factors determine the course of our actions.

Selfless decisions go a mile further than the selfish decisions that we take to further our self-interest.

Mahatma Vidhur points out to Dhritarashtra some of the factors that help us to make a perfect decision.

यस्य संसारिणी प्रज्ञा धर्मार्थावनुवर्तते ।
कामादर्थं वृणीते यः स वै पण्डित उच्यते ॥ २०॥

He whose judgment dissociated from desire, followeth both virtue and profit and who disregarding pleasure chooseth such ends as are serviceable in both worlds, is considered wise.

Judgment should be dissociated from desire. There must not be even an ounce of desire in our judgment.

True wisdom requires transcending emotional impulses and making decisions based on a reasoned understanding of long-term consequences. I

When we look closely at some of the most notable decisions that altered the course of history, we will find a lot of selflessness in the middle of it.



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