Pursue Your Dream & Show Up Every Single Day To Make it Happen.

Everyone has Dreams But Not All are Committed to Act on them Every Single Day To Make it Happen.

HBR Patel


Dreams give us the much-needed motivation to rise up and join the hustle. Some have dreams, big enough, that wakes them up early every day. While some have dreams that let them sleep till noon.

It is the dreams that propel us in this journey called life. Otherwise, inertia is imbibed to the core in all of us.

By default, we are prone to enjoy the steady-state devoid of any difficulties. The Comfort zone is the thing we look for. When not found, we create one to hide away from the newness of life. It is inside the comfort zone, where we are devoid of any opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

Dreams are apt enough to change the world and we are reaping the benefits of that.

Two People dreamed of flying high up in the sky. People never believed that they can fly. They thought if they were meant to fly, then they would have wings like birds have.

But two dreamers believed in their dreams and pursued them with every inch of their existence.

They faced difficulties in the form of humiliation by non-believers. But they showed up every single day to fulfill their dreams. Patience and Perseverance placed them in the proximity of their dreams. After years of effort, they achieved what they dreamed of and thanks to their dream, airplanes, the world is a more connected place.

Similarly, an entrepreneur dreamed of making space travel easy and affordable. There were many challenges but he had a dream to pursue and he was ready to give in everything he had.

There were failures. There was a point of near bankruptcy. There was also humiliation.

But the dream of that entrepreneur was apt enough to motivate him to show up every day for nearly about eighteen years in order to make that dream a reality. He reduced the cost of traveling to space and this will make the way for space tourism.

A dream is what guides them, motivate them, inspire them to act relentlessly every single day…



HBR Patel

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