Memento mori: “Remember Death.”

These Two Words Will Help Keep The Priorities In Perspective & Live a Meaningful Life.

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Memento Mori, meaning “remember that you must die,” is a Latin expression. It serves as a warning that life is finite and that death is an inevitable aspect of it.

Many societies and religions have used the idea as a constant reminder of people’s mortality for thousands of years.

The purpose of Memento Mori is not to be miserable or to linger on the inevitableness of mortality.

Instead, ‘Memento Mori’ is about making the most of our knowledge of death to lead more meaningful lives. We can prioritise the things that are genuinely important to us and make the most of our time by keeping in mind that we will ultimately pass away at any moment.

Mortality is the thing that gives meaning to our life. When we know that this will end, the important things fall into perspective.

Just Imagine being immortal and don’t ponder on the exciting initial years of immortality but ponder on the part that comes after living thousands of years and losing loved ones.

Mortality helps us live a more meaningful and fulfilling life as it helps us define what is important in our lives and gives us the time to focus on that important thing.

We can overcome our fear of failure and take on fresh challenges with the inspiration of Memento Mori.

We’re more likely to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and work toward our objectives if we keep in mind that our time on earth is finite and any breath from now on can be our last breath.

We are more inclined to appreciate each moment and make the most of it when aware of our mortality. It’s simpler to appreciate the people, moments, and opportunities in our life when we keep in mind that we only have a limited amount of time.

Mortality reminds us that it is not worth waiting for a perfect time and it is important to live the life we want, starting from the very moment because hey, any moment can be the last one on this earth.

Embrace Mortality. Live Your Life to The Fullest.

Make Every Moment Count ’cause hey, any moment can be the last one on this earth.

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