Japanese Maxim That Points Out The Power of Continuity To Succeed.

Japanese Quote on Continuity — HBR Patel

Continuity is Power.

Continuity will lead to Success.

Small actions that are consistent lead to meaningful and impactful results.

The world is out to grab success at both ends but only a few of them are willing to keep their hands out of their pockets to get the result.

Those people, who are reluctant to place their efforts in exchange for something valuable, often fail to gauge the impact of their little efforts.

It is the small and consistent efforts that add up to valuable achievements in life.

The maxim or the motto that continuity is power holds true for all those who are out to achieve their dreams. The small but consistent efforts that are not withered by the obstacles or dithered by the difficulties compound to valuable achievements in life.

Continuity is power but to be continuity is hard to maintain. When life throws a curve ball at you, you can hit it out of the park. But what if life is hell-bent on throwing a volley of curve balls from all directions at you? You might give up but that is where our true strength counts.

The boredom of monotonous work, the frustration of not achieving the things we want, the fear of being mocked by others for failing the task or many such backlogs may prevent the individual from taking the path of continuation.

However, the champions are those who overcome the setbacks by putting in the effort daily. No matter what they come across, whether it be success or failure, they continue to put in their daily actions. Their consistency never takes the blow of external factors.

We are tempted by the failures to give up the chase. We are tempted by laziness to accept the steady state deprived of any extra effort. It is during those inner struggles that continuity matters.

Decide. Act. Continue. Achieve.

This Poster will help you remember the Power of Continuity.

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