How Our Perception Molds Our Reality?

Maharshi Patanjali explains that in one of his 196 Yoga Sutras, a collection of 196 Sanskrit Maxim on the Theory & Practice of Yoga.

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वस्तुसाम्ये चित्तभेदात्तयोर्विभक्तः पन्था |

While the object is the same, due to the multiplicity of minds perceiving that object, the characteristics of that object are presented differently.

This sutra explains a common phenomenon that I utilize to see & understand the world but seldom or consciously take note of that: I see the world based on our perception.

The object remains the same but the power that it holds over different individuals depends upon the perception of those minds. How I perceive an object, an event, or a situation directly affects the action that I take in response to it.

We have many times experienced the same thing within our life. Our perception of a thing might differ from our friend. Perception is not reality but it has the power to influence how we look and respond to reality.

It is like wearing yellow-colored specs and perceiving that the whole world has shredded its colorful existence and settled with only one shade of color-Yellow.

We perceive the reality with our perception that is built by so many external and internal factors. Belief, upbringing, reading, and other forms of sensory inputs at various ages of our lifetime shapes our perception of many things and it becomes hard to shed away those perception-based out of judgment and conditioning.

Take, for example, the construction of Temples by various socio-spiritual organizations. According to my perception conditioned by my belief, the construction of these temples is essential as it provides a place to attain peaceful moments in this tumultuous routine.

They are not an unnecessary waste of money and resources but they are the place where one can experience inner peace and savor the moments of bliss.

To some of my friends, these temples are perceived as an unnecessary waste of money and resources because their perception is based out of hearsay and passing around of judgment by others that conditioned their minds to perceive a



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