Don’t count the days. Make the days count. — Muhammad Ali

Make Your Each Day Count By Living Life to Its Full Potential…

HBR Patel


Many exist in this world by just adding days to their years. They choose to exist rather than live life to its full potential.

They focus on the past and fail to optimize their present for a better future.

Few of us strive for quantity rather than quality. They choose to leave an impact on this world. They strive for progress rather than stagnant subsistence. They believe in themselves, and their efforts are in tune with their goal.

They optimize their present without worrying about the future or ruing about their past.

They do not count their days rather they make their days count in their pursuit of success.

This quote is more than a simple arrangement of words uttered by “The Greatest” Boxer. It is one of those mindsets that hold the potential the alter the way we exist on this planet.

Instead of just breathing for mere existence, this mindset can inspire us to give every inch of our lives to fulfill our goal.

Focus on Quality rather than Quantity.

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