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Bhagavad-Gita-Chp-3-Verse-3 — Cover-HBR-Patel

श्रीभगवानुवाच |
लोकेऽस्मिन्द्विविधा निष्ठा पुरा प्रोक्ता मयानघ |
ज्ञानयोगेन साङ्ख्यानां कर्मयोगेन योगिनाम् || 3||

The Blessed Lord(Bhagwan) said: O Anagha (Sinless One), In this world, since time immemorial, I have created two paths leading to enlightenment: the path of knowledge, for those inclined toward contemplation, and the path of work for those inclined toward action.


Bhagwan Shri Krishna addresses Arjuna as the Sinless One. Bhagwan explains to Arjuna about the two-fold path to attain a single goal. There are two paths leading to the same destination of the ultimate truth and those two paths were mentioned by the Bhagwan in the shloka 39 of chapter 2 Sankhyoga.

One path is of the Jnana Yoga or the Path of Knowledge for the contemplative ones and the other path is that of Karma Yoga or the Path of Action for those with many desires and find it hard to concentrate on the spiritual path via contemplation.

There are two types of individuals the ones who are contemplative by nature and for them, desires do not divert from their spiritual journey. For them, Jnana Yoga is the perfect way to achieve the ultimate truth. Their minds are pure and the desire does not disturb their mind.

They attain the ultimate truth by the Janan Yoga while the other individuals whose mind gets disturb the external stimuli or desires should walk on the spiritual path to attain the ultimate truth with the Karma Yoga. They perform actions to attain the state of inaction where every action is to please the Bhagwan and attain the ultimate truth.

Thus, the individual who has a slightly impure mind diverted by the slightest of the desires should walk on the path of karma yoga to attain the ultimate truth.

Thus, there is a path for everyone to follow to attain the ultimate truth, no matter they have attained the purity of the mind or attempting to attain the purity of the mind. Karma yoga and Jnana Yoga can take care of all aspirants on this spiritual journey to attain the ultimate truth.



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